About the University Guide Service

The University Guide Service provides the admissions tours for prospective students as well as historical tours of the University. We are all very proud of what we do and we take our roles as ambassadors and keepers of history very seriously. The Guide Service is entirely student run, and the tour guides are all student volunteers. After successfully completing a try-out process, guides train for a full semester before giving tours to the public.

Our organization represents a diverse portion of the student body at the University of Virginia. In any given semester, we have over 100 tour guides. In the Spring 2010 semester, we gave 1,483 tours. Based on these numbers, it would seem that being a tour guide requires a large time commitment. However, 100% of our members are involved in other activities at the University, including academic organizations, Division I athletics, the Greek system, volunteering, undergraduate research, and performance ensembles. Our membership body includes people from all over the country, and from outside of the country as well. We have students from 25 states and 6 countries. Also, students from each of the seven undergraduate schools at the University currently serve as tour guides.

We are completely independent from the Office of Admissions. There is no “script” for our tours. Each tour is unique to the guide giving it. We make it our goal to provide admissions tourists an insightful look at what life as a student at the University of Virginia is really all about. You should leave your tour feeling that you received honest, helpful answers to any questions you had about life as a student at the University.

Our historical tours also have no set “script.” Historical tours are unique to the guides giving them. The University provides us with the incredible opportunity to give tours of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and to meet tourists from all over the world, and we take a lot of pride in roles as history keepers. The University Guide Service has regularly hosted events to raise money for the historical preservation of the University.