UGS Executive Board

The Executive Board of the University Guide Service oversees all aspects of the organization's functions. Each position on the Executive Board is outlined below.

Chair and Vice Chair: The Chair and Vice Chair oversee the day to day functions of the Guide Service, and serves as a liaison between the Guide Service and the University community.

Outreach Co-Chairs: The Outreach Co-Chairs are in charge of recruiting individuals to try out to become probationary members, promoting the University Guide Service in surrounding communities, and promoting awareness of the services UGS provides.

Probationary Chair: The Probationary Chair is in charge of training and orienting new probationary members to become regular members.

Scheduler: The Scheduler is in charge of scheduling regular and special tours.

Historian: The Historian keeps an organizational history of UGS and serves as the head of all UGS research endeavors.

Events Chairs The Events co-chairs plan and organize UGS Events.

Technology Chair: The Technology Chair maintains the website and the social media presence of the University Guide Service.

Colonnade Fund Chairs: The Colonnade Fund Chairs organize Colonnade Ball, and oversee the proceeds raised from this event.

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Alumni Relations Co-Chairs: The Alumni Relations Co-Chairs facilitate interaction between the current UGS membership and UGS alumni.