“The Man Who Changed The World” Meet “The Man of the People”

On March 3, 2011, in Historian, news, by admin

On April 13, 1993, the 150th birthday of Thomas Jefferson, Mikhail Gorbachev visited the University of Virginia. Only two years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the last Soviet premier found himself in the home of a man he claimed greatly influenced him. Gorbachev was first contracted by the Richmond Public Forum to speak […]

The Other President on the Lawn

On February 22, 2011, in Historian, news, by admin

On President’s Day, it’s always appropriate to talk about our nation’s first- George Washington. The statue that we have become so accustomed to on the east end of the Lawn is actually a bronze replica of a marble work by Jean Houdon that stands in Virginia’s Capitol, pictured at right. Houdon’s work, capturing all of […]

First Post for a First

On November 28, 2010, in Historian, news, by admin

In 1935, Alice Carlotta Jackson was the first African American to apply to the University of Virginia, a pioneer that was part of the broader effort to create equal access to higher education in the South. Jackson was born on June 2, 1913 in Richmond to Dr. James Jackson and Clara Kersey. Her father was  […]