Guide Service: Tell Your Story

"Guide Service has given me a newfound appreciation of the culture and rich history of UVa. Being able to share the special story of this University has been a rewarding way to enrich my UVa experience."

"All of the members of the University Guide Service are really passionate and diverse individuals with a common goal to present the University through a student's eyes"

"The University Guide Service has instilled in me the rich, historical intricacies of Mr. Jefferson's great University; it has also introduced me to the most fascinating people I know- people that can leave you speechless one day and keep you talking for hours the next."

So you want to be a guide? Excellent!

At the beginning of recruitment, we will be holding several information sessions all across grounds that will explain the whole try-out process. We highly recommend attending one. Times and locations are posted on the important dates page when available, and we will also post on our Facebook page and on Twitter!

There are two phases to the try-out process. In the first phase, you will give a trial tour. This is a 15 minute historical tour of the Lawn, which you will give to two current guides,who will be your “tourists.”

After trial tours, a number of people will be selected to proceed to the second phase of the try-out process, which is an interview. The morning after that list is posted, there will be a meeting in the Dome Room of the Rotunda. At this meeting, you will sign up for your interview, and you’ll learn more about how to prepare for it.

Good luck! We can’t wait to meet you!