Life as a Probie

Probationary Members, or Probies, are new Guide Service members being trained to be full, tour-giving guides. Individuals chosen during UGS recruitment will enter a Probie Class of around 26, with whom they will learn and will have the opportunity to build lasting friendships.

The focal point of Probie semester will be mandatory weekly meetings on Thursdays from 7-10pm. The meetings are a time when the Probie Chair and Probies work together to help each member develop his/her own unique and fantastic tours. Frequently, other members of the Guide Service and deans, professors, student leaders, and others from the Charlottesville community will contribute their own talents and experience to the process. The meetings give probies the ability to interact, intellectually and socially, with a wide variety of individuals and acquaint themselves with exciting opportunities around Grounds.

Probies will get the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities in addition to their meetings. Each Probie will be required to spend one hour weekly, at a time of their choosing, with other Guides in Pavilion VIII’s UGS headquarters. Any additional events will be scheduled to minimize schedule conflict. Some optional events may include a Probie retreat, enrichment activities around Charlottesville, formals, and generally fun times.

Being a Probie is an experience all full guides look back on very fondly. If approached with the right attitude, it can be a time of immense growth.