Admissions Tours

Admissions tours give prospective students a look at what life is like as a student of the University of Virginia. The tour covers a brief history of the University, as well as academics, extracurricular activities, athletics, dining, traditions, and much more. Stops include libraries, classroom buildings, dorms, and major areas of importance to any UVA student.

Planning Your Tour

    1. Please use the Office of Admissions’ Tour Reservation System. This system is not used to “track” your interest in our University; rather, it is designed to give us an estimate of the number of tourists so that we can plan for how many tour guides will be needed to keep the groups at a reasonable size.
    2. Find out where you should park.
    3. Find out where the tour will leave from. Admissions tours leave at 11am and 2pm on weekdays from various locations, and at 11am on weekends from various locations. The Office of Admissions holds a one hour information session for students and their families prior to the 11am admissions tours. Locations for information sessions and tours can be found HERE; please double check your tour location however prior to arriving at UVA just in case there was a change!
    4. Attend a class! We have many professors who have opened up their classes to prospective students! This is a great opportunity to see what academics here are really like. For more information and a list of available classes, click here. No reservation is necessary to attend a class.
    5. Spend the night in a first year dorm with a first year student! See what dorm life is really like, and get an even better understanding of student life at the University! For more information, check out the Monroe Society
    6. Check the University Calendar for events that will be happening during your visit. There is always something to do!
    7. See what you can do in and around the greater Charlottesville area!

      Please note that the Guide Service does not offer tours during UVA’s Winter Break, spring recess, during exam periods, or over the summer.